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This page describes the workflow from a concept until release. Try to follow this when developing a new feature or releasing a new Empires version.

Creating an Issue

To ensure we don't duplicate effort and to allow team members to see what we're working on we add a short description of the thing we're trying to fix / achieve to an issue on the internal issue tracker.

When adding an issue, try to stick to formulating it as a user story. This makes it easier to evaluate whether a proposed change actually fixes the issue. To help discoverability you can add relevant tags.

If you plan on working on the issue yourself, be sure to assign yourself to it. For more information on how you can effectively use issues you can refer to the official issue documentation.

Cloning the Relevant Repository

Creating a New Branch

Creating a Merge Request

Reviewing a Merge Request

Preparing a Beta Release

Preparing a Full Release

Releasing a New Version