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An entity which when enabled can be built by the owning team's Engineer into a defensive (or offensive) structure such as a wall or barricade.


  • Name : Name of the Entity
  • Pitch Yaw Roll : This entity's orientation in the world.
  • Model : the model to use on this entity.
  • Number of the Parent Capture Point : If this entity is to be enabled/disabled in association with the capture/loss of a capture point, input the associated capture point's number (defined in the capture point's properties)
  • Initial Owner : This is the team that initially owns the object. This should only be set for objects that are not associated with a control point.
  • Changes Ownership : This option affects automatic enabling/disabling from an automated capture point. If no, this object will be disabled when the other team holds the capture point and enable when the initial owner recaptures the point. If yes, this object will change teams as the capture point is captured.
  • Raise Object On Build : If yes, this entity will start at only 25% of its final height and will raise up to its full height as it's built. It's a good effect for tall objects like walls.
  • Solid On Spawn : Does this entity start solid or does it need to be fully built first?
  • Visible To Enemy When Not Solid : Can players of the enemy team see this object if it hasn't been fully built yet (if 'Solid On Spawn' is yes [above], then this is ignored).
  • Time To Respawn : Time in seconds for the object to respawn and be buildable again after being destroyed. A time of 0 seconds will never respawn until it is disabled and/or changes teams.
  • Structure's Initial Health : The initial health of the object on spawn.
  • Structure's Max Health : The maximum health of the object and when it becomes fully built after being repaired by an engineer.
  • Only Grenadier Can Harm : If yes, then only the grenadier can harm this object, and his rpg does normal damage. Use this for creating obstacles in your map that only grenadiers can get through. If no, then enemy engineers can deconstruct it, and all blast damage does a reduced amount of damage to it.
  • Solid On Respawn : After this is destroyed and it respawns, does this entity start solid or does it need to be fully built first?


  • Can only be used as a point entity.