Falcon Firearms Mark 10

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'X' Pistol / Mark 10
Service History
In Service 153-AGC - Present
Used By Brenodi Empire, Civilan Market
Classes Rifleman, Engineer, Grenadier, Scout
Production History
Designer Falcon Firearms Incorporated
Designed 148-AGC
Manufacturer Falcon Firearms Incorporated
Produced 151-AGC
Variants Mark 10, Mark 12, Model 'X'
Cartridge .40 Falcon,9mm Brenodi
Calibre .40, 9x18mm
Action Short Recoil, Double-Action Only
Rate of Fire 300 RPM
Effective Range 50M, 100 Max
Feed System 12 Round Box Magazine (.40)

15 Round Box Magazine (9MM)

Sights Double-Post Holographic


When Brenodian troops came up against Northern Faction Special Forces, it was found the current Mark 9 Pistol was insufficient for dealing with modern threats. The Military Acquisition Board of the Brenodian Military put out a formal request in 148-AGC to all manufacturers to come up with a new 'Mark 10' Sidearm for the Military. Several Sidearms were put forward towards this military trial two years later in 150-AGC. Ultimately the submission by Falcon Firearms survived all tests of the trials, capable of penetrating the new Northern Faction's Body Armor at 50 Meters utilizing a new proprietary cartridge, the .40 Falcon. Which was a massive improvement in ballistic capability over the older 9mm Brenodi Cartridge.