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General Map Information

Escort is a conquest map. There are no Command Vehicles on this map. Brenodi Empire's base is pre-built in their starting area, consisting of an Armory, a Radar and a Vehicle Factory. Their base is walled in and its enterance is protected by a collapsable gate. Northern Faction has no base, and due to the absence of a Commander they cannot build any buildings or equipment (aside from what the Engineers can deploy). This means that the NF team has no access to vehicles on this map and must rely only on their infantry to hold back the enemy. Also, Engineers cannot build any walls on this map. Each faction gets a stream of resource credits from "invisible" Refineries that are (obviously) only of any use to the BE team. This stream is constant, but very slow (only one Refinery per team.) Both teams start with the Technology Tree fully researched and all upgrades active and ready for use.

Objectives and Conditions

This map utilizes a "Push" style of gameplay, which means that one team (Brenodi Empire) must capture flags in sequence (i.e. flags cannot be "skipped"), while the other team (Northern Faction) must protect the flags. Once a flag is captured by the Brenodi team the Northern Faction can re-capture it, but they will still not be able to respawn at the recaptured flag.

Brenodi team starts off with 2500 tickets, which count down to zero at one ticket per second interval. Norhtern Faction starts each round with 200 tickets that do not count down based on time. As always, one ticket is subtracted from the teams' score for every soldier that respawns. Brenodi will lose the round if their tickets run out before they capture the last flag. Northern Faction team cannot run out of tickets: their ticket counter will stop at 1 at which point the soldiers will not be able to respawn. NF will lose only if their last flag gets captured. Although extremely difficult, it is still possible for the NF team to capture the first flag belonging to the BE team. If the BE team does not have other flags, they will lose the round when this happens.

Map Details

There are obstacles on this map such as bridges that can only be constructed by Engineers, wooden blockades that can be built and destroyed and a wall near last flag that must be destroyed to allow vehicles to pass. There are at least two paths to every flag, allowing Brenodi to attack on two fronts and requiring the defenders to split their attention. (Gate information needs to be updated with map changes in version 1.05) There is a corridor connecting flags #2 and #4 protected by a dual-gate system that can be lowered and raised only on the NF side. Once the Brenodi capture flag #4 they can keep this corridor open indefinitely to allow the vehicles to get to the front lines a lot faster.

Tips for the Brenodi Empire Team

  • Vehicles are one of the few BE's strengths on this map, so use them wisely. It might be fun to take a Jeep for a joyride, but you are hindering your team by wasting the precious resource units. Same goes for tanks: keep them alive as long as you can. There is plenty of cover on this map to duck behind for a quick fixer-upper from a friendly Engineer.
  • The above point especially applies to APCs since they provide your team with extra spawn points. Place them in key positions near the front lines, but away from direct enemy fire.
  • Protect your base (especially the Vehicle Factory) at all costs! Keep the front gate closed when not in use to prevent rogue Engineers and Grenadiers from sneaking in and sabotaging the buildings.
  • Artillery with HE shells is useful for keeping areas near the flags clear of enemy infantry when your team mates go in for the capture.
  • It's always a good idea to separate your team into two forces (squads) to approach each flag from different directions.
  • Speed is good strategy to winning this map. Capturing a flag and moving on to the next one before the NF team has a chance to fall back is a sound tactic.
  • If you find yourself behind the enemy lines, don't try to cap any flags and try to secure the corridor instead.
  • When your team gets to the very last flag expect to find a farm of fully upgraded turrets waiting for you. This is especially true if you notice little to no resistance from the NF team on the 3rd 4th and 5th flags - they fell back to the last flag and are fortifying it while you're moving through the rest of the flags.
  • Destroying the wall at the last flag is usually crucial to winning the map, since without tanks it will take too long to disable the myriad of turrets that NF has most likely set up in anticipation of the last attack.
  • You can take down the wall quickly by having at least two Grenadiers perform the 9th mine trick: both of them should lay down 8 mines next to the wall and then one Grenadier should drop their 9th mine. The resulting explosion should destroy the wall, since one grenadier can bring it down to 20% health.
  • Northern Faction will mine every chokepoint they can find. With this in mind, it's always a good idea for Grenadiers piloting the vehicles to have Defuse skill activated, so that they do not set off the mines when driving over them. Engineers should follow the tanks at a safe distance, giving them space to fall back for repairs.
  • (This bullet point should be re-written to incorporate the map changes in version 1.05) Keep an eye on the gate near the second flag. Often a NF soldier will unknowingly lower both gates of the corridor without realizing it. Make sure to take advantage of such a blunder to get behind the enemy lines. Be careful though, as it might be a trick to lure you into a level 3 turret around the corner.

Tips for the Northern Faction Team

  • The key to winning this map is not so much killing the enemy, as slowing them down and holding them until their tickets run out.
  • Engineers with Revive skill are crucial on this map. Even though NF team cannot lose all of their tickets, when the count reaches 1 the soldiers will not be able to respawn and the BE team will get a free ride to the last flag.
  • Keep in mind that the "ceiling" on this map is very low, and your shots will disappear if fired at too high of an angle. A flat trajectory takes some practice to get used to.
  • To quickly gain the skill you need at the very begining of the round: join a squad (or form your own and invite someone in), go to a friendly flag (a box saying "Captured" will show up), and pick the upgrade for your bonus skill. Make sure you pick your skill at a flag or it won't work.
  • When your team is down to approximately 50-70 tickets - fall back to the last flag and start fortifying it with Level 3 turrets and mines. You should have enough time to do so while the BE team is moving through the rest of the flags.
  • While defending the last flag have at least 3 Engineers continuously repair the wall against attacks from enemy Artillery, Engineers and Grenadiers' 9th mine tricks. It's also useful to blockade this wall with useless junk such as satellite dishes, remote cameras, ammo boxes, etc. to slow the enemy down for when they finally breach it.
  • Mine everywhere. Even if you don't destroy the enemy, you will slow them down. There are many chokepoints on this map that can be mined to stall the enemy long enough for your team mates to set up a proper defence around the flags.
  • (This bullet point needs to be re-written to accomodate for map changes in version 1.05) Be careful with the gate system of the corridor! The controls activate gates on both ends of the passage simultaneously, so you might be letting an entire enemy team into this "shortcut" and not even realize that.
  • Try to sneak into the BE base with an Engineer or a Grenadier and sabotage their Vehicle Factory. Without Tanks, APCs and Artillery, the Brenodi team will be slowed down to a crawl.