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Minimap of con_urbanchaos

General Map Information

Urban Chaos is a map with its main focus on close-quarter urban fighting between the Northern Faction and the Brenodi Empire. The conflict centers around one big avenue and the locations of interest along it. Even though the maps main focus is infantry combat, both factions have access to light vehicles.

Although this map plays according to the conquest mechanic, it is not like district402 in that the flags do not have to be captured in any particular sequence. This opens up new tactical possibilities to both factions, such as opening up a new front to the enemy's rear, effectively trapping them.

Points of Interest

The Office Building

This building is the very reason for the Brenodi imperial outpost just a few buildings away. It houses research labs vital to the success of the entire campaign in this region, and plans for new aircraft that simply cannot fall into northern faction hands. If the Brenodi Empire lose this building, the battle will be all over for them. They must fight to the last man to ensure that it stays in their hands.

The Administrative Building

This building house the city's pre-conflict archives, and also holds archives of taxes and other things relevant for the ones set on governing the city. During the conflict, this building and it's courtyard have become a vital point because of this data, and holding it will indeed be vital to the success of the struggle in the streets.

The Chapel

A Chapel dedicated to the holy technician, a local semi-religious icon symbolizing the spiritual workings of technology. Both sides look upon this temple with faith, knowing that it is them that the gods of technology favor. Whoever emerges victorious from the struggle in the city will most likely end up celebrating their victory in there.

The Monorail station

If you have a large community then the public transportation system is a vital cornerstone to a well working city. This is the reason for the construction of the monorail, allowing the inhabitants to quickly move around without getting stuck in traffic. Even though the monorail stations have been shut down for the public due to civil unrest before the conflict, it's location is still absolutely vital for the Northern Faction as it is their primary way of moving more soldiers to the front lines. If the Northern Faction lose the hold of it, their reinforcements will be stranded leading directly to a unavoidable defeat.

Tips and Tactics

Mine Everything: There are numerous narrow passages and alleyways on this level with nooks and crannies in which to hide mines for the unfortunate passerby. Because of this, Grenadiers are an effective early warning system--if you lose a mine or get a kill, someone's coming.

Insurmountable Flag: The Courtyard of the Administrative building has one entrance, and otherwise surrounded by walls. A single wall section at the entrance can completely seal off the flag preventing the enemy from capturing it without first deconstructing the wall. This tactic may not be viewed favorably by some players because of it's effectiveness, so use it at your own risk.

Wall Off Everything: Unlike District, engineers can use walls on this map. If your team is taking a beating and you need to buy some time, block off an entire route with a wall, then take the time to fortify behind it-- turrets, cameras, mines, etc.. You can also put walls in those narrow alleyways to prevent a sneaky enemy from crossing the front lines. Just put a half-constructed wall behind the fully constructed wall to allow your allies to climb over it.