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Minimap of Emp_Slaughtered

General Map Information

A mountainous land near an exotic beach, Slaughtered is an interesting map for vehicles and infantry alike. The BE team starts in A1, and the NF team starts in A5. Each team must race to expand their forces eastward while engaging the enemy at the map's equator. There are structures throughout the map which can be constructed by engineers to aid either side; large watch-towers and a massive bridge in the center of the map which separates the two teams. Although the steep hills are insurmountable by both vehicle and infantry, the multitude of twisting canyons allows for any number of strategies and maneuvers if the commander is clever.

Commander Tactics

Squad Level Tactics

Unit and Infantry Tactics

Beeping Bushes: Foliage can be a great place to conceal surveillance equipment, or even turrets. Hide them well, and they will be all the more troublesome for the enemy. Equally, watch out for this sneaky tactic being used against you, and remember that surveillance equipment can be destroyed from a distance by small arms fire. Keeping your ears open is your best defence against this tactic.

Points of Interest

The Bridge - The lake in the center of the map cannot be crossed by vehicles unless the bridge is constructed. After it is made, the bridge can also be destroyed. A clever team will use this to it's advantage by blowing the bridge when being heavily pressured by incoming tanks.

The Watch-Towers - These large constructible towers provide excellent cover for infantry units in an otherwise barren map. Just like any other structure, they can also be destroyed by damage. Sneaky Engineers can also use them to hide surveillance or turrets. To use, build the tower then move to the top; there you will be able to capture it. Once fully captured, supply crates will then become available on the bottom floor.

The Beach - If one were desperate for a hiding spot, an infantry unit could hide here, swimming away from the battle. Just don't try the same thing with tanks!


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