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Minimap of Emp_badland

General Map Information

This map is currently being re-worked and improved by Arklansman. The new version takes place in an Arctic climate.

Commander Tactics

The raised central area provides an excellent defensive position from which to dominate the map. Its two resource nodes provide a much-needed income boost, and passage to all other areas of the map is relatively open. But beware: neglecting your starting base can very easily lead to being surrounded. Rocket-sniping from the surrounding mountains can also make maintaining a base in the central area an extremely trying task, especially for barracks.

Unit and Infantry Tactics

Due to the low number of tickets available from the start of this map, it is recommended that engineers acquire and begin using the revive skill as soon as possible, in order to reduce ticket consumption.

Installation Instructions

Extract into your SteamApps\SourceMods\Empires folder