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Minimap of emp_beachfront_b2


Emp_beachfront is a small mirrored map made for low population, each team starts on the lower parts of the map. Beachfront has a total of 7 refineries and 1 capture point (flag), the middle and main base refineries are worth 2 resources while beach refineries are worth 1. The flag inside the cave is worth 2 resources.

Starting Refineries: 1x2

Starting Resources: 300

Refineries: 4x1, 3x2

Total Amount of Resources: 12

Tickets: 150

Commander Strategies

Points of Interest

Cave: The Sourthern hill of the middle is hollowed out, inside you will find a capture point (flag). It requires 1 player to capture and will give 2 resources.

Sourthern Pass: South of the middle hill, behind the refinery, you will find a small passage only accessible to infantry. It gives you a quick and stealthy access to the enemy beach front.