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Minimap of emp_bush


The main feature of emp_bush is its randomness. In Bush you can start in any of the 4 corners of the map, the starting base will have one built refinery and one unbuilt. It has a total of 10 refineries. Each of the 8 areas of the map has multiple possible locations for its refineries. For the corners, only the starting location will have 2 refineries, other corners will only have one. Northern and Southern areas will have 1 refinery each, worth 2 resources. Western and Eastern areas will have 1 refinery each. The middle capture point (flag) requires 1 player to capture and spawns 4 level 3 Missile Launcher turrets and boxes.

Starting Refineries: 1x1

Starting Resources: 100

Refineries: 8x1, 2x2

Total Amount of Resources: 12

Tickets: 250

Commander Strategies

Because Bush starts with only 100 resources which are spent on the second main base refinery, it will be some time before you can place your first barracks.

Points of Interest