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Minimap of Emp_cdr_canyon

General Map Information

Canyon is a canyon with an unscalable mountain area in the center. There are four chokepoints where the center mountain reaches close to the outer walls of the map, dividing the arena into four quadrants. The NF starts in the Northwest, and the Bren in the Southeast. This version is a flag capture map, with the turrets and refineries already placed for each team and a full base with research complete at each original spawn point.

Unit and Infantry Tactics

Use those Tanks: You've got a complete base built with full research, so use it! If you just try and advance across the map with infantry, you'll be cut down by an enemy heavy tank in seconds. Clear out the opposition, then let your infantry capture the point, or move your tank into the flag zone and cap it yourself.

Employing Scouts: Hide is very useful on this map, especially if you know a tank is about to hit your position. A hidden scout can easily slip by the offense and capture a point deep in enemy territory. Use this opportunity to disable any turrets you come across, as well.

Grenadier Precision: While a grenadier is no match for a well armed tank, his pinpoint accuracy with the mortar means that he can take out turrets and buildings much easier then tanks. Support the main vehicle offensive by eliminating stationary low priority targets while the assault crew holds off the enemy.

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