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Map of emp_coast
Overview of beach area


Map and terrain textures made by Tysn

This map features classic empires gameplay set in a coastal area. There are 2 paths out of each base, one of which branches early to create 3. The middle there is a capturable bunker, which is designed to be very defendable and provide overwatch on the two resource points to the north and south of it.

Contains 10 resource nodes and one captureable flag.

Change Log

Final Version Changes:

  • Changed the tree's model directory to models/common/props_foliage/trees/
  • Added vehicle clips above the map
  • Put giant trigger_hurts above and below the map to prevent any possibility of glitching out of it

Beta 5 Changes:

(This is the version which was included with Empires 2.23, however due to an error with the tree models the map does not run properly. Expect the working final version above in the following patch.)

  • Lowered several floating props
  • Fixed the wooden supports brushes' polys being cut up by an invisible brush accidentally
  • Reduced the light in the bunkhouse slightly
  • Fixed more road overlay seams
  • Fixed the bleeding light at the base of the cliffs in the BE base
  • Added a cave tunnel to the northern area of the map

Beta 4 Changes:

  • Added a tower and reshaped the terrain in the eastern canyon area
  • Added a cabin to the western canyon area
  • Fixed some bad terrain alpha spots
  • Placed foliage along the roads leading to the bunker so commanders know stuff can't be built here (it was hard to determine the elevation from above, making it look like there was more room to build then there actually was
  • Fixed a seam in the road overlays
  • Added a bunkhouse to the coastal area
  • More trees/rocks/shrubs overall to increase the amount of cover on the map

Beta 3 Changes:

  • Used hint brushes to significantly improve fps
  • Fixed some more displacement seams
  • Added two sets of turrets on each side to reduce slippery-slope

Beta 2 Changes:

  • Lowered the res given by each node to 1
  • Bunker Flag now gives 4 res per second
  • Added 2 res nodes in the east and west of the map
  • Replaced clifftop translucent trees with orex trees
  • Raised sky area for commander
  • Fixed a few displacement seams
  • Raised the time needed to capture the bunker flag by 3 seconds
  • Flattened areas near the coast so it's easier to build

Download Links

Beta 5

Beta 4

Beta 3

Beta 2