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Minimap of Emp_Crossroads

Commander Tactics

Chokepoints: The middle chokepoint is the critical point on this map. The first infantry rush towards this middle chokepoint usually dictates who will dominate the first half, if not all, of the match.

Base Lock-down: There are many entrances to each base and wise commanders wall off a few entrances to prevent the enemy team sneaking into their base and preventing tanks a direct line of fire on the command vehicle and important structures. It is common strategy to place walls at the side entrances to the main base. Also, it is common strategy to place many missile launching turrets at the front 2 entrances to the respective base and a few machinegun turrets around the base to prevent pesky infantry.

Impromptu Forward Base: If for some reason you can't build a forward base in the middle of the map, move an APC up whenever the area is safe. However, don't just leave the APC sitting there. Park near a wall and behind some cover, then place walls around two sides of it, leaving only one (hopefully, the rear) entrance open, and consider dropping turrets or cameras near it. This will give you a cheap, fast forward base that's protected from everything but grenadiers on the roof of the fortress structures.

Stalingrad: If you happen to lose control of the middle, don't give up yet. Some matches on this map have been won because the aggressive side was too enthusiastic in holding their ground. Make sure your team has engineers and is using revive, and try to inflict as much damage on enemy infantry as possible. Prevent the enemy from breaching the final gates at all cost--if they get tanks past your entrance ramps you're in serious trouble. Your main threat when trying this tactic is artillery; these will eat through your defenses in no time and you wont have the resources to counter them. But if you can pull this off, you'll find the enemy offensive pleasantly absent when their tickets drop to single digits. This isn't a strategy to rely on frequently, but this map is made to favor the defender and with good teamwork this is possible as a last-ditch effort.

Squad Level Tactics

Begin the match by rushing the middle with both engineers and riflemen. Riflemen are to attack any enemy rushing infantry, while engineers construct both machinegun turrets and the 2 refineries at the middle chokepoint. The first five minutes are crucial for who receives not only an added income for research upgrades, but provides a forward base to push back the enemy. If not taken becoming a scout with the hide ability is suggested. This is suggested to be able to climb to the roof of the center building/base and provides excellent view to take out engineers building refineries and turrets. The hide ability plays the important role of not being able to be hit by enemy machinegun turrets.

During the middle phase of this map squads are suggested to use both tanks and APCs in tandem to allow progress to the side of the enemy’s main base. Engineers are used extensively in this process to allow both the repairing of tanks and the building of a barracks on the side of the enemy’s base to allow an all out attack. Suggested squads are made up of both grenadiers and engineers.

During the final phase of this map squads are suggested to be primarily grenadiers due to their anti-tank/turret abilities. If working in tandem a squad of grenadiers can eliminate turrets created by the enemy and provide enough firepower to destroy both the enemy’s barracks and command vehicle.

Unit and Infantry Tactics

Cap the Middle: Resources are only plentiful on this map if the middle chokepoint is captured. Without the middle chokepoint being captured an empire only has access to only 3 refineries. The middle chokepoint provides 2 more refineries which can provide a much needed increase in resources to help provide continued research without a loss in tanks being built.

Aggressive Early Rush: Infantry rushing in early is highly recommended. After the initial rush has been completed ramps at all side chokepoints are to be built to prevent early tank rushes. Placing turrets leading up to chokepoints is recommended and can slow enemy advancement considerably.

When artillery is available it is suggested to aim into the walled main base due to buildings being closer together then normal. An artillery shell will almost always give damage to anything if it lands in the main base.

Points of Interest

It is important to know at the middle chokepoint there are up to 3 levels with the upper 2 levels being only available to infantry. Also, ramps are available at all side chokepoints, but only can be built on your half of the map. For each main base there are 6 entrances with 2 being on each side except the back wall which is the end of the map.