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Cylcopean is a large and detailed map which contains two opposing forts, a small city, and a hilly wilderness. The NF forces start in the south-west base with a barracks and several level 3 turrets protecting them. The BE start in the north-east, and are similarly armed.

The city to the south-east contains many alleys, streets, nooks, and crannies. It was once powered by the two street-level resource nodes, which the majority of its buildings are centered around. Faced with full-on factional conflict its citizens quickly abandoned the city, leaving only empty buildings and the now-untapped nodes.

The wilderness to the north-west has a great deal of terrain to scale and much tree cover, and was once of great importance to the region due to its large mining facility. Damaged through several artillery strikes by approaching military forces, all that remains of the once flourishing complex are a few mining towers pumping fuel from a couple of resource nodes.

Cyclopean's central lake was once an ecological gem in the region, and was one of the main positive factors contributing to the expansion of the city. Now devoid of life, it is but a shadow of its former self. Thanks to the city's years of exploitation and the nearby hydro-electric dam, it is now in danger of drying up completely. The resource nodes near it, which once required shoreline processing plants, are now accessible by land.

Starting Refineries: 2x1

Starting Resources: 300

Refineries: 13x1

Total Amount of Resources: 13

Tickets: 201

Commander Tactics

Don't Ignore the Lake: While it is true that you're not going to see any assaults through this area - tanks will drown and infantry have no cover whatsoever - it is foolish to disregard the lake entirely. True, most of your effort should be concentrated on securing the corners, but bear in mind that your enemy is thinking the same thing. This means that the lake often doesn't see a whole lot of action, and should be fairly easy to capture. There are four refineries accessible from this position, and if your enemy lets you capture them without putting up a fight, you will certainly never be short of resources. Focus on the corners, of course, but keep in mind that the lake can also be a valuable region to hold.

Spawns in the City: There are many, many, many locations to set up a barracks or an APC in the city outside of an enemy's line of sight. A barracks or an armory on the roof of one of the infantry-accessible skyscrapers can mean the difference between keeping or losing the city. Take full advantage of the fact that there are only two ways for armor to enter or leave the city - cover the bridges with turrets and make absolutely sure that your grenadiers lay extensive mine-fields. If properly fortified, the city has the potential to repel even the most determined armoured assaults.

The Wild Refineries: This position is more difficult to set up as a permanent base than the city, owing to the fact that there's only one place to build. The resource nodes are, however, placed in more easily defended, elevated positions. Set up an outpost here by all means, but don't depend on this becoming your main base: this is the most difficult corner to defend against tank assaults, and many battles have been lost by commanders who heavily rely on holding this area.

Squad Level Tactics

Stealth APC: It's quite easy to park an APC underneath the massive bridges of the city, or tucked away in a corner against the city walls, where no one will detect it. The same could be attempted in the Wilds, but it is far more difficult to conceal a vehicle in the trees.

Unit and Infantry Tactics

Urban Combat: The city is a infantryman's paradise; using the skyscrapers to fire down upon your enemies, one can quickly dominate the area. Many dark corners allow one to disappear into the shadows relatively easily, making relocating between firing positions simple (especially when using the hide skill). No matter what you do, a properly positioned Scout or Grenadier can make the city a nightmare for enemy troops and armor. Mines placed at the base of ladders will usually serve as sufficient deterrent to enemy infantry looking to rain terror upon you.

Points of Interest

The City: Not only does the city look absolutely amazing, but it's also easily fortified and carries two resource nodes.

The Dam: There is a resource node located at the foot of the dam which generates resources at a faster rate.

The North Hills: The hills contain two elevated resource nodes that can be easily fortified.