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This map is the second Empires map to feature urban combat with the classic game mode. It's large enough to make you feel lost in a big city, but small enough to keep you engaged with your opponent at all times. Dominate the urban streets with a medium tank rush, or outflank the enemy by cutting through old buildings and alley ways. Whatever your strategy is, your mission is to take back the Homeland!

Starting Refineries: 1x1

Starting Resources: 600

Refineries: 8

Total Amount of Resources: 10

Tickets: 250


  • Multiple complete building interiors for intense close quarters fighting.
  • Abundant prop_physics models that can be used to your advantage.
  • Destructable buildings and props.
  • A surprisingly large amount of building room for an urban map.
  • Beautiful artificial lighting throughout the city.
  • Balanced, intense urban combat.

Editor's Note

It has been a grueling 6 months, and the end result is not at all what I had originally intended, but it is above all a fun map. Specifically, I did not originally intend to make it so claustrophobic, but most computers can't handle drawing the entire map at once, so the city is designed to block your view of anything more than a few blocks away. In truth, this map was supposed to be a little village with a river and a church, but engine limitations hijacked that idea in the first month. What you see in this end product is actually a third or fourth redo of the map from scratch. Oh, it was a learning process...


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