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In the mountainous northern reaches of the Jekotian territory lies the small village of Heinlein. Long since abandoned by its citizens, the empty buildings provided the perfect covert position for the Northern Faction to store ammunition and other vital supplies. A forward party, consisting of a Command Vehicle, a small infantry unit and a survey team, was sent to scout the position. Upon arrival, the party found the railway in a poor state. Carriages - some decades old - blocked the line, and the tracks had been snowed under in several places. The soldiers began to set up camp in preperation for the work ahead, their only advantage granted by their genetic manipulation: the cold was not an issue for these hardened soldiers, their versatility allowing them to operate as normal in the harsh climate. An Imperial dropship drifted across the icy landscape, transporting a relief command unit way beyond the Brenodi front lines. Engine failure cut the journey short, and soon the crew were plummeting towards the ground, afterburners working furiously to slow the craft's descent. The pilot managed to make a successful crash-landing into the snow-covered clearing, with minimal damage to the craft or its cargo. A barracks was soon set up to shelter the weary soldiers, and scouts were dispatched to survey the nearby village, less than half a mile to the south. The experienced commander was well aware that their current position left them in serious danger, and so advised that contruction of an outpost should begin immediately.

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