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Minimap of emp_vehicletraining (OB2)


Made by Silk, to be used as a training map for CW (Commonwealth Warriors).


  • This is a conquest map, there is no commander and the objective is to capture all of the flags to win.
    • The BE team must capture flags 2 through 8 in that order.
    • The NF team must capture flags 7 through 1 in that order.
  • The flags in the SE, NW and the final flags for both teams require two people to capture.
    • The rest of the flags only require one person to capture.
  • The flag numbers can be seen on the minimap.

Map Details

  • Both of the teams' bases are protected by a forcefield that will instantly kill any enemy vehicle or player trying to get through.
  • There are also cliffs leading off the edge of the map that will kill any vehicle of players that go over the edge.
  • Also there are some tunnels leading through the middle of the map that are wide enough for vehicles.

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