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This page is about further informations to "mod the mod" for possible contributors

Modding Enviroment

Building a modding enviroment beside your Empires installation to test script changings, without interference with your ususal multiplayer installation or the risk of being overwriten by updates, is quite easily:

  • go to Empires directory "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Empires"
(there are already two "game" folders, called "empires" and "hl2" - they work just like what you want to do now)
  • create a new folder here (the name doesn't matter), then copy the "gameinfo.txt" from "empires" subdirectory in that folder and change "game" to whatever you called your mod, search for the "gamebin" and replace "|gameinfo_path|bin" with "empires/bin"
(the folder can be named differently, just the "game" must match, but also the searchpaths if you ever want to create a mod of the mod of the mod)
- or use Smithy's Gameinfo.txt and change whatever you want
  • there are now 2 ways to start this:
create a new text file in main directory (where the hl2.exe is located), copy [code]hl2.exe -game *YOUR MOD* -novid -insecure[/code] inside it and rename its file extension to ".bat" (a batch file)
this file acts as the "startbutton" - it needs to be in the same directory like the hl2.exe, so if you want a desktop shortcut make it from that batch :or you can also made one from the hl2.exe and just add the params listed above after the " ;-)
(should look like "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Empires\hl2.exe" -game *YOUR MOD* -novid -insecure)

thx to Thexa4 to provide this and Smithy for addidional info about the custom folder, usefull for mapping