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Raven Arms is a Jekotian Company that is the main producer of weapons for the Northern Faction.


Raven Arms produces most of the weapons in use by the Jekotian military. The DM series of weapons are the standard issue weapons of the Jekotian military, while many others are also in use by some divisions.

At the beginning of the current engagement, many soldiers were issued weapons left over from the Great War, but now many of the weapons have been replaced by slightly newer models, mostly based on the old ones.


  • DM-11 9mm (Out of service)
  • DM-12 9mm

Submachine Guns

  • DM-24 .40RA (out of service)
  • DM-25 .40RA
  • PP-10 9mm (out of service)
  • PP-12 9mm *
  • D-33 5.7 x 28mm (out of service)


  • DM-32 5.56 x 45 mm Assault Rifle
  • DM-50 .243RA Ranged Rifle(out of service)
  • DM-51 .243RA Ranged Rifle

Machine Guns

  • DM-43 7.62 x 51 mm MG (out of service)
  • DM-44 7.62 x 51 mm MG


  • DM-78 "WarFle" Anti-Tank weapon

* The PP-12 is not actually manufactured by the Raven Arms company, but by a small group of rebels who retook an abandoned Raven Arms factory in Glycen City.