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Made the page, march 2nd. I also wonder whether or not it might be worth having a 'levels' system in this, for example when the structure is fully destroyed, the first level to be built is level 1, then once level 1 is built, level 2 becomes available, it would basically be a self contained entity version of the current method of making multi-level buildables except without all the hacky entity work involved. You could simply make one set of health and modellist K/Vs for each level, so you would have 'Level 1 health: 500, Level 1 models: 140, 135, 132, 124' followed by 'level 2 health: 1200, level 2 models: 240, 236, 235' and so on, as well as a keyvalue along the lines of 'Delevel when damaged?' which, if set to one, has the health of each level be for that level only, and doing that much damage destroys the models of that level only. If set to zero, levels add health to the base structure, and when all health is lost, the whole structure is destroyed simultaneously.

Respawn times could be set per level, or all levels could use the base respawn time, so if one level is destroyed, you have to wait the respawn time to rebuild it. Health can only be removed from the highest level, so shooting the midsection of a multi-level tower does not destroy all levels above it, when a new level is built, the previous level is fully healed, so if the new level is destroyed you don't come back to a damaged level.

Of course this is all up in the air, you could do this but it might not be neccesary, although it would be a lot of work, the base functionality of this object would go a long way towards expanding and streamlining the potential of map buildable objects. -Chris0132

* Only Grenadier Can Harm : If yes, then only the grenadier can harm this object, and his rpg does normal damage.  Use this for creating obstacles in your map that only grenadiers can get through.  If no, then enemy engineers can deconstruct it, and all blast damage does a reduced amount of damage to it. As above, although I can't think of any real practical use for this keyvalue.

This could be changed into a bitmask like emp_inf_restrict Change Access. The code for the bitmask is already written so it could be used here too. I don't know if it is easier, but it should be a real bitmask like 010011, so you dont have to calculate the value anymore. For me as a programmer a real bitmask would be easier to grasp and use but I don't know what our mappers like/need. -Brutos 07:22, 2 March 2009 (PST)

I don't suppose I'd mind what you use as long as we have a list of what value to use for what thing, I don't know quite what you mean by a bitmask but I'm guessing it's a bit like spswnflags? You add all the flags you want together and input that number? --Chris0132 07:53, 3 March 2009 (PST)
I suppose thats the thing I'm thinking of, but again I'm no mapper, I'm just thinking about a more general approach that could be useful to you guys. -Brutos 08:57, 4 March 2009 (PST)
Well in all honesty I don't think 'destroyable by class' is useful at all, what would make more sense is if you had perhaps a keyvalue which controls what the entity can take damage from, for example it makes no sense that one class with explosives could kill something while another class with explosives cannot, but it does make sense that something might be immune to explosions or immune to bullets. So you could have 'no immunity' 'immune to bullets' 'immune to bullets and explosives' 'invincible' no immunity means it takes damage like glass, from all souurces, immune to bullets means only explosions or calculators can kill it, and immune to bullets and explosives means only the calculator can destroy it, invincible is just for if you perhaps wanted to make it invincible after construction. --Chris0132 10:51, 9 March 2009 (PDT)