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The following templates may be used within the wiki pages to reduce redundancy and allow for easy mass updates.


Do backlinks
Do sign.jpg ~Do: some text
Fixme backlinks
Fixme sign.jpg ~Fixme: some text
Abandoned backlinks
This article has not been updated for some time.

This article has been tagged as abandoned and may be removed at some point in the future in order to keep the wiki tidy.

Inuse backlinks
Crystal 128 clock.png
This article is actively undergoing a major edit for a short while.
As a courtesy, please do not edit this article while this message is displayed. The person who added this notice will be listed in its edit history should you wish to contact him or her.
MarkedForDeletion backlinks
This article has been marked for deletion.
Remember to check if anything links here and check the page history before deleting.
Administrators - Click here to delete this page.
deletebecause backlinks
See backlinks
See Also: some text
Stub (topic) backlinks
Note backlinks
Note Note: some text
NoteSmall backlinks
Note Note: some text
DevNote backlinks
Developer note: some text
Tip backlinks
Tip Tip: some text
Warning backlinks
Warning  Warning: some text
Wrongtitle backlinks
NoteThe correct title of this article is some_text. It appears incorrectly here due to technical restrictions.
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