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Script version: Battery

Version 2.9.0

Initial release: August 13, 2016


  • Linux client and server, including easy installation using LGSM
  • Building upgrades are now split into their own script definitions which allows values to be overridden when a building upgrades. For example turret damage can now be set when it is upgraded.
  • Removed various code restrictions that meant only turrets could be upgraded. This means that new building upgrade definitions are now a possibility.
  • Maximum carcass health is now defined in scripts, defaults to vehicle health.
  • Concussion grenades re-added.
  • Resource income now displays total income from all captured refineries and flags without using averaging; this should make it easier to notice when your income changes without random fluctuations. Resource deductions will display as and when they occur.
  • Resources and wages will now display as rounded figures. This helps to make sure all the information stays visible without overlapping or going off-screen.
  • Removed hardcoded layout for hud ammo indicator.
  • Standing near an unbuilt refinery point shows a hint that you have to move away.


  • Made walls placable in Hammer.
  • Fixed the bug causing players to spawn in Barracks facing East; players will now spawn facing the nearest exit.
  • Fixed a bug where an engineer could place small walls even though they hit their limit.
  • Fixed persistent wall ghosts when holstering engineer tool.
  • Fixed a bug where the start position of a wall would be the map origin, meaning players would be unable to place a wall until they right clicked.
  • Engineer recycling no longer gives more resources when recycling without repair upgrade.
  • Turrets upgrade instantly after turret upgrade research.
  • Fixed scout class being named assault at the end of a round.
  • Removed unused emp_sv_refinery_interval cvar.
  • Made default class on start of game engineer instead of scout.
  • Fixed guard order drawing outline with an extra side.
  • Fixed gui images becoming blurry on low graphics settings.
  • Intro video has been fixed.
  • Hints should no longer show when inside a vehicle; destroyed vehicles show their own hint.
  • Engineer buildables no longer block building placement for commander.
  • Fixed news panel in menu.

Non-code changes

  • Added emp_money_2016 with prebuilt walls on the entrances.
  • Fixed third flag on emp_escort giving Brenodi reinforcements multiple times.
  • Added ocean water material for use in mapping.
  • Improved NF jeep VGUI images.
  • Hud style updated.
  • Updated some collisions for old Brenodi props.

Script changes

Damage 40->38
MinimalDamage 30->28

StandingSpreadMax 0.3->0.25
DuckingSpreadMax 0.2->0.17
ProneSpreadMax 0.2->0.14

StandingSpreadIncrement 0.009->0.0082
DuckingSpreadIncrement 0.006->00055
ProneSpreadIncrement 0.005->0.0046

Sticky Grenade
Damage 150->175

Commander vehicle
InfantryStickyResist 0->0.25

Advanced Coolant Engine
Heat Output At Max
6->5 for AFV/LT
7->6 for Medium
6->5 for Heavy

Gravity 1->0.92
Cycle time 3->2.5
Total Ammo Clips 2->4
Reload Time 10->6
Gravity 0.9->0.88
Total Ammo Clips 3->4
Reload Time 12->8

Bio MG
Vehicle Bio Damage 3->4

Plasma MG
Damage 4->5
Cycle time 0.4->0.35
Heat to Target 1.6->1.8

Projectile Spread 0.015->0.025
Projectile Spread 0.03->0.02

Guided ML
Heat 7->7.5
Cycle Time 1.0->1.2
Reload Time 6.0->5.5

Salvo ML
Weight 50->60

Plasma CN
Heat 20->15
Heat to Target 10->7
Explosion Radius 350->325

Artillery tank
Base cost 1000->775

180mm arty cannon
Gravity 0.7->0.55
203mm arty cannon
Speed 1800->1900
Gravity 0.6->0.57

Ranged arty resist 0->0.1
Other arties resist 0->0.15
Other arties resist 0.1->0.15
Other arties resist 0.3->0.4
Ranged arty resist 0->0.1
Other arties resist 0->0.15

Capacitive Armor
Damage To Heat Absorbed 0.06->0.045

Regenerative Armor
Health 70->72

Deflective armor
Health 72->75
Angle Modifier 0.95->0.88

Absorbant Armor
Health 66->67
Speed to Damage Modifier -0.00011->-0.000112
Bio Modifier 0.3->0.45

NF Heavy Rifle
Clipsize 12->10

Version 2.9.1

Initial release: August 13, 2016


  • Fixed a bug where turrets were counted toward building limit, not turret limit.

Version 2.9.2

Initial release: August 14, 2016


  • Fixed a bug where small walls were using the large walls collisions for vehicles.

Version 2.9.3

Initial release: August 16, 2016


  • Fixed a bug caused by the previous patch. - Turrets were not colliding with vehicles.