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Northern Faction Artillery
Imperial Artillery

The Artillery tank is designed for the role of striking an enemy position from great distances without fear of direct and immediate retaliation. The artillery tank features a main cannon capable of sending a mortar based round great distances. It should be utilized from a defensive position and in multiples for maximum effect. The artillery tank really shines when attempting to pierce a well defended base. However, it is rather fragile and expensive, so should be kept at a safe distance from the enemy while taking advantage of your superior range.


  • Seats: 1
  • Non-Equipped Cost: 670
  • Non-Equipped Weight: 600/820 (220)
  • Heat Capacity: 100
  • Availability: Northern and Imperial

Armor Plates

  • Front: 3
  • Sides: 3
  • Back: 3

Weapon Slots

Ac slot med.gif

Artillery Cannon: 2

Tip Tip: If you're a Grenadier with the "Artillery Feedback" Skill, you can see where your fired shots have landed by looking for a white diamond on the minimap.
Tip Tip: As an infantry, you can work in tandem with an artillery tank by marking and painting targets. This is done most effectively as a Scout.