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Players can spawn and can change classes at their barracks. The importance of this structure is second only to that of the refinery, and it is sure to be a prime target in any assault. Depending on the map and gameplay type, the match may end if all of a faction's barracks and APCs are destroyed and no players on that faction remain alive, similar to the destruction of a Command Vehicle (when applicable).

It is important to note (as shown in the images below) that the differences between the size and shape of the two faction's barracks is more significant than with most structures; NF barracks are far taller and, as a result, are harder to shield with walls and are much more vulnerable to attack from mortar, rockets, and many tank weapons.


  • Cost : 400
  • Health : 200 (takes 1/4 damage) -> Actual Health is 800.
  • Time to construct : 40 seconds (1 engineer)


Northern Faction

Northern Faction Barracks
Northern Faction Barracks
Northern Faction Barracks: Height Comparison

Brenodi Empire

Imperial Barracks
Imperial Barracks
Imperial Barracks: Height Comparison