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A few different maps are currently in existence, each offering different terrain, objectives, and play styles. If you know of any more maps, please add them. If you are interested in creating maps, see the Mapping page.

Gameplay Types

Different Gameplay Types are available to offer a different set of challenges and are dependent on the map in question.

Maps starting with 'emp_' are standard commander maps, 'con_' maps are conquest maps with flags and no commanders, 'as_' maps are assault maps where one team needs to take objectives in a time limit.

Official Maps

The following maps are officially included in the current distribution of Empires. They are listed under headings according to the group who created them.

Original Development Team

Image Map Maker Notes
emp_canyon Empires Team
emp_crossroads Empires Team
emp_duststorm Empires Team
as_escort Empires Team
con_glycencity Empires Team
emp_isle Empires Team
emp_money Empires Team
emp_streetsoffire Empires Team
con_urbanchaos Empires Team


Image Map Maker Notes
emp_arid Silk
emp_bush Silk
emp_chain Silk
emp_coast Tysn
emp_cyclopean halbalbador
con_eastborough complete_lamer
emp_midbridge Pastori
emp_mvalley R_yell
emp_palmbay Keef
emp_Slaughtered =HELLION=

Custom Maps

These maps are created by the Empires community. Some will be of a high enough standard to become official maps.

Image Map Maker Notes
emp_alpinerush_b7 [LoDw]Keef
emp_atoll_b2 John Shandy`
emp_badland Gobanzo Mon
emp_beachfront_b2 Thomasfn
emp_blackmountain Omneh
emp_blah4 Mayama
emp_break_poc Blizzerd
emp_cod Silk
emp_delta_rc3a Metal Smith
emp_dmz_b1 varbles
emp_downfall Silk
emp_drygulch_a6 flasche
emp_flat Silk
emp_forest_ob Simon
emp_frozensummit_b2 John Shandy
emp_fuel_a3_2013 Terminator
emp_fury_rc1 Silk
emp_fury_redux_b5 varbles
emp_glacial_b8 varbles
emp_hazard_rc6 Blight
emp_highpass_a3 Terminator
emp_homeland_b9 Flounder
emp_iceberg D.D.D. Destroyer
emp_insurrection_rc4 Omneh
emp_interactions_v2 Oktay
emp_king_r5 Chris0132'
emp_massacred_rc2 varbles
emp_megahill_jam_b5 Keef
emp_mesa_d6 Mayama
emp_moors_b1 Keef
emp_oktay_rc1 Mayama
emp_provinggrounds_b2 flasche
John Shandy
emp_quarry_a2 varbles
emp_raiders_b1 Keef
emp_rainbowroad_b2 John Shandy
emp_research_1_2 Jimather
emp_sandpit_b5 Keef
emp_shadows_rc10a Cyber-Kun
emp_silo_rc5 Omneh
emp_smokies_rc2 Cyber-Kun
emp_snowbound_cl6 Jimather
D.D.D. Destroyer
emp_snowstorm_rc6 varbles
emp_temple_b3a Mayama
emp_thunder_b2 Object
emp_traders_a8 Tysn
emp_tropicvendetta John Shandy
emp_vehicletraining_ob2 Silk
emp_ward_rc2 Silk
emp_zygian_b4 Knaupst