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Console Commands

The console can be accessed by hitting the ~ "tilde" key while in-game.

jointeam: Joins a team. Usage: jointeam <team number> where 1 = Spectator, 2 = Northern Faction, 3 = Brenodi Empire, 4 = Auto-Select. (No Default)
snd_mute_losefocus: Set the sound to be on(0) or off(1), while the game window loses focus. For example when you alt-tab into desktop. (Default = 1)
emp_ungrief: Makes the targeted player the commander. Teleports the command vehicle to that players spot. Usage: emp_ungrief <playername> (No Default)
emp_chatcommand_bind: Add a bind that captures your chat messages starting with an exclamation mark ('!'). Usage: emp_chatcommand_bind <trigger> <command to execute> (No Default)
emp_chatcommand_clear: Clears any existing chat binds (No Default)

emp_admin_add: Adds a player to the admin list (No Default)
emp_admin_list: Print the admin list (No Default)
emp_admin_remove: Remove a player from the admin list (No Default)
lobby_connect: Connect to the lobby (No Default)
lobby_redirect <url>: Used by the lobby to redirect clients to other servers. (No Default)

sv_reload_vehicle_scripts: Reloads client vehicle scripts. (No Default)
cl_reload_vehicle_scripts: Reloads server vehicle scripts. (No Default)
emp_cl_hittick_enablesound : Disables (0) or enables (1) the hit tick audio. (Default: 1)
emp_sv_inactivity_timeout: Time in seconds after which map changes if no players join the game. (Default = 30 minutes)
See Also:, List of Server Cvars