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The Entity used for controlling area access in Empires maps.

The filter parameters overlap each other, for example;

Allow Scouts? Yes Allow Riflemen? Yes Allow Grenadiers? No Allow Engineers? No Allow NF? No Allow BE? Yes

only allows BE scouts and BE rifleman


  • Name <string>
Name of the Entity
  • Allow Scouts? <boolean>
This setting determines whether or not scouts are allowed access
  • Allow Riflemen? <boolean>
This setting determines whether or not riflemen are allowed access
  • Allow Grenadiers? <boolean>
This setting determines whether or not grenadiers are allowed access
  • Allow Engineers? <boolean>
This setting determines whether or not engineers are allowed access
  • Allow NF? <boolean>
This setting determines whether or not Northern Faction players are allowed access
  • Allow BE? <boolean>
This setting determines whether or not Brenodi Empire players are allowed access


  • Toggle Scout <void>
Enable/disable access for Scouts
  • Toggle Rifleman <void>
Enable/disable access for Riflemen
  • Toggle Grenadier <void>
Enable/disable access for Grenadiers
  • Toggle Engineer <void>
Enable/disable access for Engineers
  • Toggle NF <void>
Enable/disable access for Northern Faction players
  • Toggle BE <void>
Enable/disable access for Brenodi Empire players
  • Change Access <integer>
Change all access control settings at once. 1=scout, 2=grenadier, 4=rifleman, 8=engineer, 16=NF, 32=BE
eg. To only allow Brenodi engineers and grenadiers, use 32+8+2=42


This entity has no flags.


  • Can only be used as a brush entity.
  • Will cause the compile process to crash if used in conjunction with a displacement!