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What is the best way to describe Empires Mod?

Empires Mod is a A Half-Life 2 Total Conversion that is best described as a RTS/FPS hybrid, a blending of the two genres. Players may take to the front lines on foot, fighting their opponents directly, or command the faction in an RTS-style manner, building things and assigning orders.

What games are Empires Mod similar to?

A similar ancestor mod from Half-Life 1 is Natural Selection. Like Empires Mod, NS has building and a very strategical play style. However, its theme is much different and it also lacks vehicles.

Also similar are basically any sci-fi RTS games like Red Alert, Total Anhillation, etc.

How much does the mod cost?

It's completely free for Download.

Who is currently developing the mod?

A complete team listing can be found on the Empires Mod Team page.