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Northern Faction Grenadier
Brenodi Empire Grenadier

When the going gets tough the tough call for anti-armor support, and thats exactly what the Grenadier delivers. In a direct fight, the class shows its teeth with a standard RPG.

The RPG has a dual firing system: Guided and Dumbfire. The missile will track its target if you keep the reticle on the target for as long as the "fire" key is pressed. When you release the "fire" key or move the reticle off the target, the missle is switched to a dumbfire mode and will continue on its last direction. To fire a missile in a dumbfire mode, simply press and quickly release the "fire" key. The missile is then launched in a straight trajectory and the RPG will auto-reload right away.

The RPG launcher converts into a Mortar for those times when a straight rocket just won't cut it. To use the mortar just crouch and let the shells fly. Secondary fire on the Mortar is useful when a Scout has called for artillery. Pressing it will bring up the map and paint diamonds over the scout's artillery target. You can select the target, and it will show up on your screen. Also, if you do not have the Artillery Feedback skill, you will still get feedback on your mortar strike if it hits near the selected target.

Finally, the grenadier can lay mines, up to a maximum of 8, for defense. The Mines are both anti-infantry and anti-vehicle, which means that they will explode when either an enemy vehicle or an enemy player drives or walks over them.

With the Mine Defusal Skill, Grenadiers do not set off mines, neither when walking nor driving over them. They can also defuse mines with this skill by crouching on the mine, aiming, and pressing the USE key (E by default) for a few seconds. This makes the class extremely useful for detecting, crossing and clearing minefields.

Arguably the most useful Skill of the grenadier is Artillery Feedback, granting the class superiority in that area of combat. The skill works by indicating, with a diamond on the minimap, the area in which the player's last shell or missile exploded. The skill applies not only to artillery cannons and the class' mortar weapon, but also to the handheld RPG and any vehicle mounted cannon or missile launcher.

A tactical Skill is Armor Detection, which lets the grenadier see the percentage of armor on the targeted side of a vehicle. This is especially useful when an enemy's armor has been destroyed on one side but has turned so that an undamaged side faces your team.

On the defensive a grenadier is most at home in a vehicle, increasing its resilience with the Skill Increased Armor. This skill increases the amount of armor on a driven vehicle by 10%, letting a skilled grenadier remain on the battlefield long after others have been reduced to scrap.


  • You cannot reload the RPG when a missile is fired in guided mode. You will only be able to start reloading when it detonates or when you switch to dumbfire mode by letting go of the "fire" key.
  • Keep in mind that enemy Grenadiers with Mine Defusal skill do not set off mines; neither on-foot nor inside vehicles.
  • Smart players will watch out for enemy mines, so try not to place them where they can be detected easily. Try to conceal the mines in bushes, around the corners, in terrain, etc. In other words - try to surprise your enemy.
  • The mines pack quite a punch and will hurt/kill you if you are caught within their blast radius. Fortunately, the blast will not hurt any other friendlies (at least on the FriendlyFire-off servers).
  • When detonated, the mines set off other friendly mines that are caught in their initial blast radius. This is helpful for taking down buildings, vehicles and obstacles quickly with a single explosion resulting from mines placed by more than one Grenadier.
  • Since an Grenadier can only have 8 mines on the ground at any given time, upon placing the 9th mine, the very first one will detonate, destroying itself and any other mines in its blast radius. Be careful not to be too close when that happens.
  • A clever Grenadier will often try to use the "9th mine" trick to cause a great deal of damage to any structure, (including the Command Vehicle) by dropping 8 mines next to his target and very close to one another. He will then drop the 9th mine, detonating all the previous ones in a chain reaction. The ensuing explosion can bring down even the toughest of structures, so do not let a rogue Grenadier hang around the buildings you'd like to keep.

Upgrade Guide

See Also: Grenadier Skills

First Upgrade: AMMO INCREASE. This skill will allow you to have a huge arsenal of explosives at your disposal, turning you into a base-destroying machine.

Second Upgrade: DEFUSAL. This skill will let you walk and drive over enemy mines without harm, allowing you to bypass all minefields. Be aware that any mines set off by your team mates will still hurt you.