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Northern Faction Vehicles
Brenodi Empire Vehicles

One of the unique features of Empires Mod is a wide variety of vehicles. There are a number of different chassis you may construct and customize at a Vehicle Factory. New weapons and technologies can be added to your faction's units to make them more powerful and versatile. Take your unit out and blow things up, then return to your faction's Repair Station for fixes and weapon upgrades when they become available. Friendly armories and engineers can also assist in reloading and repairing your fighting machine.

You can damage and even destroy your own vehicle if you fire your weapon too close at a nearby obstruction. Watch your fire!
Tip Tip: You are able to run over enemy infantry using your vehicle. This feature is especially handy when in the Command Vehicle. You will deal damage when going faster than 10mph, with 20mph being lethal.
Tip Tip: Looking at a friendly vehicle allows you to view its armour statistics in the bottom left corner.

Vehicle Overview

Jeep (Imperial/Northern)
APC (Imperial/Northern)
Light Tank (Northern)
AFV (Imperial)
Medium Tank (Northern)
Imperial Tank (Imperial)
Imperial Heavy Tank (Imperial)
Northern Heavy Tank (Northern)
Artillery Tank (Imperial/Northern)
Command Vehicle (Imperial/Northern)