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Minimap of Emp_cyclopean

General Map Information

Cylcopean is a large and detailed map which contains two opposing forts, a small city, and a hilly wilderness. The NF forces start in the south-west base with a barracks and several level 3 turrets protecting them. The BE start in the North-west and is similarly armed. The small city to the south-east is detailed, containing many alleys, streets, nooks, and crannies. The city was powered by the two resource nodes that can be found at street level, and the majority of it's buildings are centered around these. However, faced with full-on factional conflict, it's citizens quickly abandoned the city leaving only empty buildings and the now-untapped nodes. The wilderness to the north-west has a great deal of terrain to scale and much tree cover, but was important to the region due to it's large mining facility. Damaged through several artillery strikes by approaching military forces, all that remains of the once flourishing complex are a few mining towers pumping fuel from a couple of resource nodes. The map's central lake was once an ecological gem in the region and what attracted the city's settlers in the first place. Yet it is now devoid of life and in danger of drying up completely, thanks to the city's years of exploitation and the nearby dam. The resource nodes near it, which once required small shoreline processing plants, are now accessible by land.

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