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Escort is a conquest map. There are no Command Vehicles on this map. Brenodi Empire's base is pre-built in their starting area, consisting of a Barracks, an Armory, a Radar and a Vehicle Factory. Northern Faction has no base, and due to the absence of a Commander they cannot build any buildings or equipment (aside from what the Engineers can build). This means that the NF team has no access to vehicles on this map and must rely only on their infantry to hold back the enemy. There are obstacles on this map such as bridges that can only be constructed by Engineers, wooden blockades that can be built and destroyed and a wall near last flag that must be destroyed to allow vehicles to pass.

This map utilizes a "Push" style of gameplay, which means that one team (Brenodi Empire) must capture flags in sequence (i.e. flags cannot be "skipped"), while the other team (Northern Faction) must protect the flags. Once a flag is captured by the Brenodi team the Northern Faction can re-caprute it, but they will still not be able to respawn at the recaptured flag.

Brenodi team starts off with 2500 tickets, which count down to zero at one ticket per second interval. Norhtern Faction starts each round with 200 tickets that do not count down based on time. As always, one ticket is subtracted from the teams' score for every soldier that dies. Brenodi will lose the round if their tickets run out before they capture the last flag. Northern Faction team cannot run out of tickets: their ticket counter will stop at 1 at which point the soldiers will not be able to respawn. NF will lose only if their last flag gets captured.