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The Commander may research various technologies to make his team and their vehicles much more powerful. Following a traditional RTS-style tech tree, the progression through research is branched and varied. Two teams may take completely different paths for research depending on their play style.

Note Note: Research requires that the team have a Radar facility operational.

The best place for information on each tech is the Empires Mod Research Tree Appendix.


Researching is handled by the Commander and requires the presence of a Radar facility. There is a Research button in the lower right corner of the commander interface, clicking this will bring up a dialogue showing current research progress and a link to the tech tree for further research. Clicking on the View Tree button shows something like this:

Comm research.jpg
  • A hex with a lock symbol in it means you need to research the top-level tree to get to the sub-items.
  • Any hex with filled in blocks indicates a tree you have access to.

Research takes time, generally a minute or two for each topic, and costs a certain amount of resources. For this reason, it's very important to keep your Refineries operational.

Note Note: Once a research entry is complete, a message is sent to all players on the commander's team informing them of the advancement.