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There are a number of structures that can be placed by Commanders, each having its own purpose. See the links below for details on each type of building. In addition, Engineers can place a limited number of their own structures.

Building Structures

Building is generally organized by the Commander. Through the Commander Interface, buildings are placed on the map within range of other friendly buildings or a friendly soldier. An un-constructed shell sits on the map (represented by a yellow square on your mini-map) waiting for infantry to build it. Any class can assist building by holding their USE key, but the Engineer is best suited for construction.

Engineers use their Engineering Tool by getting close to the building needing construction and "firing" at it. A yellow construction bar will fill up as the building nears completion, finally turning green once done. See the Engineer page for more detailed information on Engineering and the Engineering Tool.

Repairing Structures

Repairing structures is done exactly the same from the Engineer's point of view. This just involves approaching the building in question and "firing" at it with the Engineering Tool.

Attacking Structures

Structures may be destroyed by actual weapons fire or a process done in reverse nature of construction. An Engineer may fire his Engineering Tool at an enemy structure or Vehicle, causing a red health meter to go down as the object is de-constructed.