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Brenodi Empire Vehicle Factory
Brenodi Empire Vehicle Factory: Height Comparison
Northern Faction Vehicle Factory
Northern Faction Vehicle Factory: Height Comparison


The vehicle factory produces all the land vehicles for a team. Inside is a console which can be used by players to customize and order the production of vehicles, usable via the Use key (defaults to e). You may also use the v key to construct a vehicle from anywhere inside the factory, removing the need to be at the console. After building a vehicle you are immediately transported into its driver seat.

Available vehicles

Starting Vehicles

  • Jeep (Imperial/Northern)
  • APC (Imperial/Northern)
  • Light Tank (Northern)
  • AFV (Imperial)

Vehicles that must be researched

  • Medium Tank (Northern)
  • Imperial Tank (Imperial)
  • Imperial Heavy Tank (Imperial)
  • Northern Heavy Tank (Northern)
  • Artillery Tank (Imperial/Northern)


  • Cost : 400
  • Health when initially built : 50
  • Health : 250
  • Weapons that cannot harm vehicles are not able to harm this building.


  • If your team is short on resources, the Commander can disable vehicle construction by players to save on resources. You can still request a vehicle by asking your Commander. The commander does this through the "Factory" tab.
  • Placing mines in an enemy vehicle factory will destroy vehicles before the owner knows what hit them.
  • Placing mines in your vehicle factory will prevent enemy vehicles driving in and blocking vehicle creation.
  • If your Vehicle Factory is sabotaged, your vehicle will spawn at only 50% of it's maximum health. Make sure your VF is healthy before constructing tanks!