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Vehicles can be built customized to meet specific needs. There are four major components of a finished vehicle - the chassis, mounted weapons, armor plating, and an engine. The chassis forms the base of the vehicle, determines what category it will fall into (eg. APC, light tank), and also determines what weapons, if any, can be mounted upon it. Vehicles cannot be built without armor or an engine.. To customize your vehicle, click the "customize" button after selecting a chassis from the drop down menu on the main factory screen and clicking "next."

Vehicle Customization

The default Vehicle Customization screen.
  • The first screen you see after clicking "customize" is the weapons customization screen. The background image is of the chassis you have chosen to customize. Also visible for most vehicles are colored boxes in which weapons are placed. The color coding works like this: Red Boxes indicate that the vehicle can mount tank cannons, Yellow Boxes indicate that machine guns can be placed in the slot, Green Boxes mount missile launchers, Grey Boxes correspond with grenade launchers, and lastly, artillery cannons are marked by Orange Boxes.
  • The number of boxes in a row show the maximum size weapon that can be placed in the slot, the smallest weapons filling 1 box and the largest filling 3. On the right of the screen is a list of the weapons that have been researched. To mount one of these weapons on a vehicle simply drag it from the list, and drop it into one of the color coded slots.
  • Information about the weapon you have chosen will fill the area of the screen below the picture of the vehicle. Pay attention to the weight of weapons you select; if you go over the maximum carryable weight of the chassis you will be unable to build the vehicle.

Armor & Engine Customization

The Armor Customization screen.
The Engine Customization screen.
  • Clicking on the armor tab of the customization screen will bring you to the armor page. The layout of this page is much the same as that of the weapons page, except here armor types have replaced the weapons. You can place two types of armor on certain vehicles, mixing and matching the types that suit you.
  • You can add armor plating to any side of the vehicle by clicking the corresponding arrows. The numbers next to the arrow tell you how many inches of armor will be placed on the vehicle out of the maximum number of inches. As with weapons as you add inches of armor using the arrows on each side of the vehicle, the more your vehicle will weigh.
  • The next tab is the engine page, which allows you to choose from different types of engines.

Weapons Grouping

The Weapons Grouping screen.
  • Clicking next brings you to the weapons grouping page. Here you can decide how you want your weapons to be configured, and what buttons you want to use to fire them. You can have six basic weapon groupings on each vehicle. Each weapon can be placed in a group and each group can be called upon by using the keyboard numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (much like switching weapons as a soldier). To place a weapon in a group simply check the box that corresponds with the number of the group.
  • In addition, each weapon can be set to shoot with your primary or secondary fire buttons (Mouse buttons by default). If you have two weapons in the same group and have set both as primary (or secondary) fire, you can fire both of them at the same time.

Payload Index

If you'd like to see a complete listing of available parts and components for vehicles, see the Vehicle Payload Appendix.

General Tips For When Customizing Vehicles


  • When selecting a chassis, consider the following factors:

- Which chassis will be most suitable for the job required? (Recon, Support, Assault)

- Is the chassis I want to use customizable enough? (Advanced weaponry)

- Can the chassis I want handle the task? (Horsepower, amount of armor)

- What are the pros and cons of the chassis? (Big/Small, Fast/Slow, etc.)


  • Every armor type has different properties and prices. Make sure you select the correct armor type for the right job!

Take a look at the Vehicle Payload Appendix if you want to know more.


  • Just like with armor, every engine has different properties in speed, horsepower, and damage resistance. A fast, advanced engine might be useful, but will it be able to continue the fight when it's heavily damaged?

Take a look at the Vehicle Payload Appendix if you want to learn more.


  • Every weapon produces heat when fired. When you overheat, you won't be able to move the vehicle or fire. Certain engines can diffuse heat faster than other engines. Also, don't bind all your weapons to one key. It might pack a mighty punch, but you will overheat very rapidly, and then you'll be a sitting duck.
  • Also, don't put too many weapons of the same type on your tank. You can reload your ammunition near Ammo Crates and Armories, and the extra weight will also just slow your tank down.