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Currently active members of the Empires mod development team:


Position: Coder, Design


Position: Coder, Design

History: Kylegar became part of the Empires community before the release of the Half-Life 2 version, as one of the original testers. After the departure of Krenzo, Kylegar volunteered to program for Empires, which he has done since April of 2008


Position: Coder, Design

History: Coffeeburrito originally started as a mapper, but was brought on as a coder by Dizzyone in late 2008. In general, he tries to focus more on the community aspect by adding functionality for mappers and plug-in writers.


Position: Design, Scripting


Position: Mapper, Skinning, Misc


Position: Scripting, Coding, Misc

History: An Empires 1.0 veteran, Beerdude26 was always tampering with the game scripts and textures from the start. Starting from v1.07, he became the infantry weapon scripter. He is responsible for many small additions to make the mod more user-friendly. Recently, he has started working on the Empires code as well, making small optimizations and changes here and there.


Position: Scripting


Position: Mapper


Position: Particle Artist

History: Occassionally creating particles for the mod in his spare time, Empty was brought onto the team as a dedicated particle artist to enhance the visuals of Empires.

Pickled Heretic

Position: Scripting

History: Having created several popular script sets, Pickled joined the development team to aid the other scripters in designing and creating new script sets for Empires.

Retired and Inactive members of the Empires development team:

Krenzo (Semi-Retired)

Position: Team Lead, Lead Coder, and Design

History: Krenzo was the original founder of the Empires mod team with Duke and has held the responsibility of leading the team, being the sole programmer for the Battlefield 1942 version, and maintaining the design of the mod. He originally began working with game modding with Doom back in the day and has been engrossed in the practice ever since. Eventually, he moved from the level editing and art aspect of modding to find his true calling as a programmer, but his experience in these areas has helped him lead the rest of the team to maintain a cohesive group of talented mod creators. He is currently enlisted in the United States navy in the nuclear propulsion field, and thanks to internet access while away from land, he is still able to participate in the mod and lead the team while performing his duty out to sea. "I'm very excited about working with the Half-Life 2 engine. Without the obstacles which faced us during our development for Battlefield 1942, we will be able to create Empires in the way we originally envisioned it, as a very deep, engrossing, entertaining, and most importantly, stable mod."


Position: Modeler, Design

History: Megel joined the Empires team back in the early days of its inception, roughly one month after Duke and Krenzo formed the team. He has previously been a part of several mod teams and even lead his own development team for a game built on the Torque engine at one point. Eventually, he joined with the Empires team based on their similar desires of combining the real-time strategy and first person genres. He has aided the Empires mod team immensely with his impressive ability as a modeler, capable of creating noteworthy models without the aid of concept art or designs of any kind. He has been solely responsible for creating the weapon designs of the Northern Faction army as well as most of their aircraft and vehicles.


Position: Mapper

History: Has been mapping since the mod was started on the source engine, and also moderates the IRC channel with a iron fist (with feathers!)

Duke (Retired)

Position: Lead Artist

History: Duke originally contacted Krenzo with the proposal to create Empires back during the early days of the Battlefield 1942 modding scene (February of 2003 to be exact). He successfully convinced him to create a full fledged total conversion based on his ideas and art instead of merely an RTS minimod, and they've maintained a flawless partnership ever since. He can be credited as having named Empires and originally creating the idea which blossomed into its current incarnation. He is highly skilled in digital art in all forms and never ceases to impress fellow artists with his abilities. Besides his position as the lead artist for Empires, he also helps lead the team in conjunction with Krenzo and guides the mod's design. He can be credited with designing the entire style and concepts for the Imperial team. "Oh snap!"

Damian (Retired)

Position: Animator

History: Damian was our last addition to the team. Coming from a knowledgable animation background, Damian has released much of his work in numerous Half-Life projects. Damian is currently the lead animator for Black Widow Games and is a welcomed addition to the team. He brings a vast amount of knowledge and talent to the team, and Empires will surely increase in quality as a direct result of his participation.

El Richardo (Retired)

Position: Concept and Design Artist

History: El Richardo joined the Empires team more recently in February of 2004, but his work for the team has been invaluable. He can be singlehandedly credited with creating the overall design for the Northern Faction and has produced countless concept designs to aid the team's modelers with their work. "Working on Empires has given me an opportunity to do everything I have ever dreamed of!"

Amnesiac (Retired)

Position: Musician

History: Amnesiac recently joined the team in July of 2004 and has painstakingly worked to flesh out the music behind Empires. He works with Krenzo in the US navy and continues to develop for the mod while they're both out to sea. Thanks to his smoothly flowing music and masterful talent, Empires will possess a very gratifying sound track to emphasize the underlying emotions within the mod.

Doobie (Retired)

Position: Mapper

FalconX (Inactive)

Position: Design

KnightTemplar (Inactive)

Position: PR

Angry (In the Navy)

Position: Sound Effects