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* [[npc_human_nf]]
* [[npc_human_nf]]
* [[npc_human_be]]
* [[npc_human_be]]
* [[npc_grenadier_nf]]
* [[npc_grenadier_be]]
[[Category: Mapping]]
[[Category: Mapping]]

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Empires Mapping Documentation
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This will be periodically updated with information about NPCs and Bots (fake players).


This refers to non-player AI controlled entities.

NPC Notes:

  • NPCs will automatically go to and attempt capture available control points
  • NPCs shoot at valid targets 2000 units away and in line of sight

This refers to fake clients, that are simulated server side.

Adding NPCs to maps

Added to hammer are 2 test NPC entities, these should work on any map however their functionality is limited. To ensure correct operation with your map, i have created a checklist of things that need to be done.

NPC checklist:

NPC Entity List: