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Empires Mapping Documentation
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From a technical standpoint, mapping for Empires is very much the same as mapping for any other Source game or mod, but with a collection of additional, necessary entities. The mapping section of the Empires Wiki will explain how to configure the Source SDK for Empires, and offer additional learning resources with which to get started.

From a gameplay standpoint, mapping for Empires is very different from mapping for other Source games or mods. Empires maps are predominantly larger than those of other games and mods. Most often, Empires maps are nearly as large as the Source engine will allow. Optimization is more stringent in both limitations on mappers and requirements of maps.

There are two types of maps common to Empires: classic maps and conquest maps, each entailing a unique style of gameplay.

Classic Maps

Classic maps are the flagship maps which champion the core gameplay that Empires was built to provide. Each team has a commander, and some sort of starting base (be it a barracks or an arbitrary spawn point). The teams must venture out, take control of territories for resources or strategic vantage. A commander views the battlefield from above and leads the team in the completion of its objectives. Some classic maps include capture point objectives (flags, most often) to create a hybrid style of play, where building refineries is mixed with capturing points that offer resources or some other territorial benefit, such as a spawnpoint, ammo/health crate, or layout-changing event.

Conquest Maps

Conquest maps segment Empires gameplay by removing the command vehicles from each team. Each team must venture forward to capture objectives and control territories. Conquest maps can involve standalone infantry or a combination of infantry and vehicles.

Editing entities without recompiling whole map

e.g. to fix vehicle ids or loadouts

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