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Brenodi Empire Refinery
Brenodi Empire Refinery: Height Comparison
Northern Faction Refinery
Northern Faction Refinery: Height Comparison


All armies require resources to function, and the refinery provides them. By building refineries on Resource Nodes, your faction gains resources periodically for each operational refinery.


  • Cost : 100
  • Health when initially built : 25
  • Maximum health : 150
  • Weapons that cannot harm vehicles are not able to harm this building.

Damage States

The Refinery will output less resources when it is sabotaged or damaged. The formula is as follows:

Resource Output = Default Output / Divisor

Divisor is equal to 1 + X:
Where X is the value depending on the state of the refinery.

  • A sabotaged Refinery adds +1.
  • A Refinery that has less than 75 health adds +1.
  • A Refinery that has less than 50 health adds +1.
  • A refinery that has less than 25 health adds +1.


  • When a scout sabotages a refinery its health is reduced to 75 and sabotaged is added to its state, which means a freshly sabotaged refinery will output half as many resources as a normal one.
  • A sabotaged refinery that is then damaged to below 75 health will output one third the resources.
  • A Refinery that has below 50 health will output one third the resources.
  • A Refinery that is sabotaged and has below 25 health will output one fifth the resources.


Tip Tip: It is generally a good idea to build turrets and walls near refineries to prevent their destruction by enemies.
Note Note: Depending on the map or the play mode, refineries may be the only way of generating resources for your faction.