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Resources (displayed top-right)

Resources are the life blood of each faction, allowing them to Research and build Structures and Vehicles. Depending on the map and the game mode, resources are earned by building Refineries on Resource Nodes or by taking control of capture points. Note that on some maps such as Escort resources are generated by invisible, inaccessible refineries.

In Classic Gameplay, you can also recycle constructed buildings to receive a percentage of the original cost. As a building becomes more damaged, recycling it will yield fewer and fewer resources. If a building has become too severely damaged, it can no longer be recycled.

When a vehicle gets destroyed, its carcass can be recycled for 40% of the resources that went into building it. Jeep's recycle for 100% of their build cost.

It is also worth noting that some Resource Nodes give more resources than others do.


Wages are personal resources which are given out for per point attained (normally 20, but 5 for points of kill assists). Wages are spent before team resources and it is possible to supercede vehicle restriction when not using any team resources.


  • Resources are shown in the top right-hand corner of the HUD.
  • Resource gain/loss is shown beside the resources, in green (gain) or red (loss).
  • Wages are shown to the left of the resource meter, right of the vehicle limit.
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