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This is a glossary of all the attributes that can be used in a vehicle armor script.

Meta Characteristics

Name : Name given when selecting armors.
Description : Description given when selecting armor.
Icon : Icon drawn in the GUI.
HUD Icon : Icon drawn on the player HUD.
Size : Number of slots required when selecting armor.
Type : Which vehicle can use this armor

General Characteristics

Weight : Weight amount per plate of armor.
Cost : Cost amount per plate of armor.
Research : Required research for this armor.

Armor Plate Characteristics

Health : Amount of health per plate of armor.
Regeneration : Amount of health this armor regenerates per second.
Angle Modifier : Modifies weapon damage done to armor based on the angle of the weapon hit.
Speed To Damage Modifier : Modifies weapon damage done to armor based on the speed of the weapon.
DamageModifier : Modifies weapon damage done to armor.
Damage To Heat Absorbed :Percentage of damage received which is added as heat.
Heat Dissipation : Not used by armor (unconfirmed)
Bioweapon Damage Modifier: Scale damage from biological weapons by this amount.

Sound Characteristics

Sound Impact :
Sound Repair :

Resist Characteristics

Warning  Warning: The Resist system is currently incomplete, progress on it has been halted.

Bullet Resist :Scale damage from Non Armor damaging weapons.
Infantry Seismic Resist :Scale damage from seismic grenades.
Infantry Bullet Resist:Scale damage from infantry bullets
Extra Type 1 Resist :Scale damage from building damage (??)