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Sourcemod installation

Check the following page for guide how to install Metamod and Sourcemod: Sourcemod

Empires Specific Plugins

Empires has a few specific plugins coded by members of its community, you can find them on Empires' Gitlab.


Draftpick is a Sourcemod plugin by Mikleo, it is responsible for automatically balancing the players between teams using statistics gathered by Empstats. It includes four types of Draft.


Empfun is a Sourcemod plugin by Mikleo, it adds a way to manipulate entities within the game and create custom scenarios.


Empstats is a Sourcemod plugin by Mikleo, it tracks various statistics.


Emputils is a Sourcemod plugin by Mikleo, it contains various utilities to be used by other plugins.


EventTimeleftHostname is a Sourcemod plugin by Neoony, it allows server owners to display a countdown in their server's title.


Lawlietstats is a Sourcemod plugin by Lawliet, it collects various informations.


Lobby is a Sourcemod plugin by Neoony, it controls the Lobby Server.


No Commander Extend Vote or NCEV for short is a Sourcemod plugin by Neoony, it automatically detects commanders and only allows the game to start if both teams have a commander.



ResearchInfo is a Sourcemod plugin by Neoony, gives a chat command to show what your team has researched in console. Unstable and unfinished. WIP


sameIPBlock is a Sourcemod plugin by Neoony, only allows players to join from unique IP address.


SourcemodOffsets is a Sourcemod plugin by Neoony, it automatically updates the sourcemod offsets required for Empires when they change.


Squadcontrol is a Sourcemod plugin by Mikleo, it adds various utilities for Empires.


Surrender is a SourceMod plugin by Neoony, it allows players to trigger a vote to surrender which if successful destroys their Command Vehicle.


Updater is a Sourcemod plugin by <> and updated for Empires by Neoony, it allows servers to automatically update their plugins.


Ungrief is a Sourcemod plugin by Theowningone and updated by Neoony, it allows admins to teleport the Command Vehicle.


Votetime is a Sourcemod plugin by Mikleo, it adds commands to control the commander vote timer.


vprofReport is a Sourcemod plugin by Neoony, automatically start "vprof" at certain number of clients on the server and then generates report when the round ends.

Generic Plugins

End of Round AllTalk

Original Plugin:

Chat Triggers

Plugin link:

Advertisements 2.0

Plugin link:
Simple advertisements plugin. It supports center, chat, hint, menu and top messages.


Plugin link:
Unofficial more updated version of SourceBans.
-SourceBans++ is a majorly improved version of SourceBans 1.4.11 which was developed by GameConnect.
Those major improvements include a new design, more stable web application, login via steam account and much more community made customizations.


Original Plugin link:


Plugin link:
This is a fully mod-independent team switching plugin, which gives an admin the ability to switch players to the opposite team either immediately,
when they die, or at the end of the round (where appropriate).
Players can also be switched to spectators.
TeamSwitch detects which mod it is being run on at startup and configures itself accordingly.

Ultimate Mapchooser 3.4.5

Plugin link:
Ultimate Mapchooser allows for increased control over map selection. This includes:

  • Random selection of the next map.
  • Which maps are added to votes
  • Which maps are available for nominations

You can control how the randomization works by dividing your map rotation into groups, and controlling the weights of each group or each individual map,
specify a minimum or maximum number of players allowed on the server for the map to be available, specify how many maps from a group are allowed in a vote, etc.
EDIT: It seems the original version isnt working even with Creepers event fix for end of map votes.
Here is cyberkillers version:
But it might be a little outdated...

Execute Configs

Original Plugin link:
This plugin executes configs when there are either a certain amount of clients on, a certain event occurs, a certain round starts or when there are a certain amount of minutes left on the map.
You can use this to disable alltalk above x clients, or to change the map when the timelimit hits, etc.
More updated version (1.2.4) + added empires roundstart/gamestart events: