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Two teams start with equal resources in an RTS style of combat. Each team begins with a Command Vehicle, Barracks, and one Resource Node.

Objective: Capture resource nodes to gather additional Resources, and defeat the enemy team by destroying their Command Vehicle or all of their Barracks (spawn points).


  • emp_canyon: This battle takes place in a grassy canyon with passes between the cliffs connecting two open areas.
  • emp_duststorm: While trapped in a duststorm, the two armies must battle each other in a relatively open area. There are three main routes to each team's starting location, and doubled resource output in the middle location.
  • emp_isle: Starting on either side of a large island, the two teams have the option of choosing the high or low ground for control of the island. The center resource node has double the output as the surrounding nodes.
  • emp_money: Teams start on either side of a toxic river, with only two bridges to reach their enemies. Resources are plentiful, leaving only the best strategy to decide who wins.


Two teams start with equal resources in constructed bases. No Command Vehicle is provided, and teams can only earn additional resources by capturing flagged points around the maps. The technology tree is completely researched, and all Vehicles can be constructed in the pre-placed Vehicle Factory (If provided on the map).

Objective: Capture flagged points around the map to gain resources and forward spawn locations. Defeat the enemy team by bleeding reinforcements dry, or by destroying their Barracks and all remaining units.



Each team has a predetermined goal that must be completed in order to capture victory.

Objective: Different goals include escape, infiltrate, or seek and destroy. An escape map starts with one team in confined location, with their objective being to capture flags owned by the other team. By capturing flags they gain forward spawn points, resources, and advance closer to the escape point. Infiltration maps will start with one team in a fortified location, while the other team must breech the stronghold and complete a predetermined task. Seek and destroy gives one team an object that they must defend until time runs out, or enemy reinforcements run dry.