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This entity is used in combination with emp_vehicle_spawner to give mappers the ability to spawn vehicles on demand. A vehicle configuration is stored in this entity as a preset for a vehicle to be spawned at a later point.


  • The maximum number of armor plates per side is 6
  • Each chassis has its own version of each engine, and giving a jeep engine to a heavy tank may produce undesired performance loss.
  • You may place up to 8 weapons per vehicle.
  • This does not abide by weight or chassis restrictions, so absurd configurations are possible.
  • You have to have the weapons/armor/engine the tanks use researched or the game will crash!


Given name so other entities can refer to this
Faction <choices>
Which faction will own the tank.
Spawn Point
Whether or not this vehicle will act as a mobile spawn point. Any APC that spawns after APD has been researched will act as a spawn point, regardless of this setting.
Cost <integer>
The cost of the vehicle. The vehicle will not be built if the team cannot afford it. A cost of 0 is allowed.
Chassis <integer>
ID for the chassis type.
ID for the engine type.
Armor <integer>
ID for the armor type.
Front Armor <integer>
The number of plates of armor on the front.
Rear Armor <integer>
The number of plates of armor on the rear.
Left Armor <integer>
The number of plates of armor on the left.
Right Armor <integer>
The number of plates of armor on the right.
Weapon 1 Type <integer>
ID for the weapon type.
Weapon 1 Mode <choice>
The key binding for this weapon. ("Primary" or "Secondary")
Weapon 1 Groups <integer>
The weapon groups will this weapon will be associated with. Group 1-6 are valued 1,2,4,8,16,32 in that order. Add the values to make a weapon part of more than one group. For example, a value of 6 will mean the weapon is in groups 2 and 3.
Repeated all the way through Weapon 8