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Vehicle Weapon Script Characteristics List
General Characteristics | Sound Characteristics | Weapon Characteristics

General Characteristics

Name: name given when selecting weapons.
HUD Name: name displayed in the weapon area of the vehicle HUD
Description: description given when selecting weapons
Icon: icon drawn in the GUI
HUD Icon: icon drawn in the vehicle HUD
Size: number of slots required when selecting weapons. Current possible values [1,2,3].
Type: 0=machine gun, 1=tank cannon, 2=artillery cannon, 3=missile launcher, 4=grenade launcher, 5=aircraft bomb bay
Cost: The amount of resources required(deducted from the team) to equip a tank with the weapon.
Team: Which team is allowed to use it. Current possible values ['IMP','NF','ALL'].
Research: The name of a research item that unlocks this weapon, taken from the research scripts.