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The following is a comprehensive list of entities available in Empires.

Point Entities

Point entities are typically logic entities or other entities that perform useful functions, but remain invisible to players in the world. Point entities are represented by a single cubic point in the Hammer editor, and are not represented by any visualization such as a brush or a model.

Model Entities

Model entities are similar to point entities, but instead are represented by a model. Model entities typically consist of visible, physical objects and are represented by some kind of model. With regards to Empires, a model entity would typically be a building such as a barracks, vehicle factory, ammo or health crate, turret, and so on.

Non-Functioning Model Entities

Brush-based Entities

Brush-based entities require the creation of a brush or group of brushes, which the desired entity can be tied to. Brush-based entities are not available for selection in the drop-down menu where point and model entities are selected. To create a brush-based entity, one must create a piece of brushwork, select it, right-click on it in one of the viewing panes in the Hammer editor, click Tie to Entity, and then select an entity type from the drop-down menu in the entity's properties.