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A few different maps are currently in existence, each offering different terrain, objectives, and play styles. If you know of any more maps, please add them. If you are interested in creating maps, see the Mapping page.

Gameplay Types

Different Gameplay Types are available to offer a different set of challenges and are dependent on the map in question.

Official Maps

The following maps are officially included in the current distribution of Empires. They are listed under headings according to the group who created them.

Development Team


No Longer Official

Custom Maps

ATTN: VERY OUT OF DATE. Please see the Mapping forum for up to date maps.

These maps are created by the Empires community. Some will be of a high enough standard to become official maps.

Note Note: Maps with a strike through the name are out of date and have not been compiled to run properly on the orange box version of empires.


These are completed maps, which may be included in the regular rotations on some designated custom map servers. Individual download links can be found on each map's page.


These maps are at a playable state, but are not yet polished enough to be called final. Often they will have active threads in the mapping forums, where bugs can be reported and feedback given.

Coming Soon

Maps in this section are under active development, but are not yet available for public download.


The maps below are only ideas at this stage. Often this will involve designing the layout and the visual style of the map, as well as the gametype and any back-story to the setting.